Choosing The Right Flooring

January 26, 2017

Putting floors to the house in contrasting tones will give life to some spaces and bring strength, harmony, and personality to the design.

The floor is perhaps one of the details that more attention requires since it can take away or bring style, light, and sense of spaciousness to the house. These are some suggestions that you must keep in mind, both in exterior and interior areas.

Exterior Space

Checking the area with which you count to decide the color of the floor and the finishes you will have. For this area, there are rustic and natural designs, which give a sense of volume to the spaces and give it a touch of strength.

Use textured flooring

There are floors that simulate the textures, shapes, and colors of stones and sand, and others that lean more towards geometric figures. In this sense, the most important thing is the safety of the members of the household, so we recommend you choose the technology (ARD) with high resistance to slipping. Ideal for rainy days or for children to be safe when playing.

Choose bright colors

The blue and green colors are ideal for creating lively environments that invite fun.

Interior Area

The spaces of the house in which the floor is most visible are the bathrooms, the kitchen, and the living room. There we also suggest the ARD system because there is usually grease and dirt in the kitchen, water in the bathroom and one or another badly placed toy in the room. And more if you have kids who love to walk in socks all over the house.

Use contrasting colors

In these spaces are also valid contrast tones, as you can have light colors in the furniture, but floors with intense colors. Coffee and black will never go out of style. Whites are perfect for small spaces, as they will be brighter and larger. For bathrooms, white and light gray are still the trend, but bright and geometric textures are integrated to give more dynamism. Bathroom sinks and fixtures are colorful to create the contrast effect as well.

Choose the right type of materials

There are also modern marbling, and integrate materials such as wood, glass, metals and ceramics. You can also use the floor protectors, which minimizes the scratching and wear and tear caused by time. Remember to choose floors that, besides looking good, are easy to clean and easy to install if you will do it yourself. Check if your supplier will offer installation for such type of material that you use. Visit your reliable local supplier and contractor who will advise you and will install the floor you selected.

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