Guidelines In Choosing A House

January 15, 2017

We know that moving home or becoming independent is a difficult and important decision. That is why this article will provide the definitive guide with the keys to choosing your perfect house. It is important that you do not make your decision on the first impression and remember that a nice house on the outside does not mean that you do not have problems inside that, in the long run, can be costly to maintain.

One of the important factors take into account is the rule of three “L”, it is location, location, and location. Another rule to consider is the rule of three “P” which are price, position, and perfection.

Make your wish list and needs

Make a list of wants and needs. It will be easier to decide if a house is good for you if you know what you want and need. It is also good to rank your priorities. Make a checklist for a house that you will visit so you can mark what are the requirements met by that property. It will be easier for you to compare and make the right decision.

Calculate your budget

Before you make a purchase, whether it be a house or any item, you have to make sure that you can afford it. You have to consider how much money you have, how much can you borrow and how much are you willing to spend. By answering these questions you can determine the range in which your budget is going to fit.

Conduct extensive research

Search the internet. You have a lot of portals to choose from. Although you visit many websites, bookmark the main ones, since they have the majority of the real estate offer today. Another interesting feature of most real estate websites is that you configure your filters with the criteria you are looking for so that once a day they send you an email with all the ads that comply.

Consult real estate companies. You have a multitude of real estate in the US that can help you. However, make sure they work as you like. A good real estate agency will make an economic study for you, a market study with all the houses that meet your criteria, give you their opinion based on their knowledge and valuation and make the economic valuation of each property, negotiate with the owners and present your proposal, find out if the home has some hidden information or debts, prepare all the paperwork with the notary, among many other things. On the other hand, make sure that the real estate you choose works well by checking the opinions of customers on forums or the internet by looking at google “Opinions + the name of the real estate.” But above all, even if you think their fees are high, they may come for free, since the money you save by negotiating the price may be much higher than your fee.
And also, visit the neighborhoods that you like and look for “for sale” signs, take note of the numbers and add it to your schedule of visits.
Find out about the real estate market. The more knowledge you have about the real estate market in town on which you intend to acquire a home, the better prepared you will be to make a good decision.

Make a plan with the houses to visit

Once you have gathered a good number of houses to visit, contact the agencies or individuals and make a plan to visit the number of houses that you consider appropriate. Make a good schedule for your house visits, it is recommended that you do not see more than 5 properties a day because it is too exhausting. You won’t be able to make an objective analysis and decision if you are tired. To make a good decision, it is recommended that you visit 15 to 20 properties then limit it to 10, finally to 5 before you make the final decision.

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